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TB Mann, but she says you can call her Twilah, is a Canadian romance author who has lived coast-to-coast in Canada and in Germany. She's been happily married to her insta-love soul mate for almost 30 years and is mom to 3 grown children. She's a long time survivor battling heart failure, who loves to sit on a beach, watch hockey, reading, or making experiences.

When you're looking for amazing stories about real people with real romances that tug on your heart strings, you'll find them in her books. Ones that are full of heart and where sometimes one man isn't enough.

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One night was all it took to lose my best friends forever…or so I thought.


After that night, I avoided T.J., Brice, and Aaron at all costs. I avoided our small town whenever there was a possibility that they’d be there.


But I kept a secret…I taped every football game they played. I read every news story about them. I may be the one that ran away, but it didn’t mean that I didn’t love them. And that love was the problem.


Now my Nan is sick and I need to go home. It’s preseason so the risk is low…or so I thought.


One thing I do know is that walking away again will destroy my heart, but staying…that could be even worse.

3rd and Goal will be read by the Why Choose Book Club in August.

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