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Tabitha Barret is a USA Today Bestselling Author of paranormal, fantasy, young adult and reverse harem romances who graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in English. She married the interesting guy from her Creative Writing class and together has two amazing children. They live together in a quiet town in New Jersey with their three rambunctious dogs. To learn more about her books and to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website at

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I date emotionally unavailable guys. You heard me right. Give me the guys who are just looking for a good time or the ones who say they love you and ghost you the next day. I date them all. Why, you ask? So I won't fall in love with them.​

But Gray, why wouldn't you want to fall in love, you'll ask. Why would I want to? I've been betrayed and hurt so badly that I never want to deal with the complications love brings with it.


Why would I want to be in love when I was rejected by my werewolf mate and the one guy I could love is my best friend's brother? Even his magical abilities can't change the fact that he's off limits.


Of course, there's the sexy funeral director who seems interested in me, though I could be reading too much into the things. The last thing I want to do is embarrass myself and add him to my list of businesses I can never go into again.

Though I'm happy working for Dahlia as a tattoo artist at Lady Blue Tattoo, I'm afraid of what will happen when my past and my dangerous pack catches up with me.


Will I be strong enough to fight for what I want or will I do what I've always done and run?


Misty is a Steamy and Humorous RH Paranormal Romance / Fantasy Romance in Silver Skates / Silver Springs shared universe.


Misty will be read by the Why Choose Book Club in March.

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