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Hanleigh is a USA Today Bestselling Author and is about as English as it's possible to be, without actually being English.

She first fell in love with books as a child reading Dr Seuss, but moved onto romance when she first read Pride and Prejudice at the age of twelve. She wishes she could live inside the world inside her mind, but since that isn't possible she puts pen to paper and shares that world with her readers instead.

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I’m not running away. Well, not exactly. It’s just that when my life suddenly gets a little too real, moving to a small town seems like a great idea.

A small town where no one knows my name, or that my family is now broke, or that my boyfriend just dumped me, or that my dad might be about to go to jail for… Well, I’m not really sure what for, to be honest.

Either way, it seemed like a great plan. Hide out at the Roselake Inn for a few weeks, until all the attention dies down.

That’s when I meet the three best friends that own the place, Kendric, Lev and Ashby. My breath is literally knocked out of me and I’m left head over heels, flat on my arse, staring up into their sparkling eyes. Two seconds. That’s all it takes for me to realise that as hot as the three guys are, they are also the most obnoxious jerks I’ve ever met. And that’s saying something. My boyfriend just dumped me in the middle of sex.

Yeah, I’m not running away… but maybe I should be.

Roselake will be read by the Why Choose Book Club in November.

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