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Eva is 98% coffee. Her hobbies include writing, procrastinating writing, and feeling bad for not writing. The rest of the time, she makes up songs about her cat and dog and sings to them. They don't care for it.

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Remember: We're just crew mates.

It doesn't matter how tempting these five men look or how close we're living together on this small ship.


We're on a mission and there's no room for emotions to screw it up.


Besides, one of them is my ex. So what if he refuses to wear a shirt or keeps giving me mischievous looks? He broke my heart once already.


Getting close to any of them would ruin me and doom a mission that could save the galaxy from centuries of war.


We're just crew mates.

A Star Pilot's Fearless Rebel will be read by the Why Choose Book Club in June.

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